Marc, Owner

“In 2010 I turned my hobby into a business, and never looked back.  It’s awesome to see how bicycles change lives, create lifelong friendships, and encourage healthy competition.  Being able to provide that in Burbank, and its surrounding areas, is a business owner’s dream.” 

Carlos, Mechanic

“Bikes are my passion, if I’m not wrenching on them, I’m riding them.  This isn’t just a job or a hobby for me, it’s a lifestyle… and I want to share that with everyone who walks in the door.”

Theresa, "Operator"

“As your resident shop chick, I keep things running on the backend while adding a woman’s touch to the front of the store.  Plus…someone’s gotta keep these boys in line.”

Chloe & Zorro, Mascots

“We’re GGB’s team mascot.  FYI we get really excited about everything…the mailman, trash trucks, air compressors, and especially our customers.  Sorry about all the barking, we’re working on being more professional!”

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